On September 15, 1976, the company CONSDECOR was created, first as a brand and then as a public limited company, being the seed of the current CONSDECOR GROUP. 

Initially, engineers, architects, the Metropolitan Corporation and the Housing Board were the main customers, and copies of plans were the star product. 

The demand for black and white photocopies was gradually growing, incorporating a new type of client such as schools, business schools and their respective students who filled our facilities at break time. 

A few years passed and in a world that was then black and white, colour eventually arrived and with it client portfolios, advertising agencies and designers. By this time photocopying was already dominating the copy shop market. 

The demand of the companies of products linked to the environment of the copy shop that we did not sell (heliographic paper, pens for plotters…) forced us to get into gear, in order to satisfy these needs we got in touch with new suppliers starting, thus, the distribution of office supplies which is one of the basic pillars of the group together with the copy shop. Our online stationery.


La Tienda en el año 1992


Over time, different lines of business were opened, such as a graphic arts department with offset machines and a publishing house to cover eager people ready to publish their stories, we named it La Plana Publishing.

These brushstrokes gave shape and character to the current service charter of the CONSDECOR GROUP.

The REPROPAP company was created in January 2015 and is currently the one that brings together all the services provided by the CONSDECOR GROUP.


GRUP CONSDECOR is a copy shop and distributor of office supplies that, from our operations center in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, ​​we offer coverage, to companies of our closest environment and to anyone located in Spanish territory. 

We are proud to be the oldest active copy shop in the Gràcia district with different generations of the same family. 

The services we offer can be found by browsing our web.

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